Upcoming atists

Nick Colella

And there he is, first up is @nickcolella ! Of course this wholehearted friend of ours – who made the beautiful poster – is available to tattoo you at the Pitstop. ⛽️⚡️

As owner of the famous @greatlakestattoo in Chicago he has been tattooing for nearly 30 years. In 2016 he was the first ever tattooer who tattooed in our coffeebar at the Voorstraat 46. He will be back and ready for you in the Village Roastery this time. Nick will be available for walk ups, he will bring flash you can choose from and he is always ready to talk designs.

Paul Dobleman

Talking about family… @pauldobleman will also be at The Pitstop! 💫

We love Paul and his art so much, we’ve travelled to so many places to get tattooed. In return he always makes sure to stop by Utrecht when he has the opportunity to visit. Having tattooed us many times throughout the years, and most of The Village crew, he is basically responsible for how we look 🙂 There is so much love for Paul at The Village that we don’t know where to begin.

He will be tattooing at The Pitstop, and if you are lucky he might have a spot left, so check him out at @pauldobleman or visit him in the future in SF at @blackhearttattoo where he works. 🍀✨

Andreas Coenen

It feels extremely special to have @andreas_coenen at Pitstop at The Village. The days before he organizes the one and only @kaiserstadt_tattoo_expo_aachen and still decides to travel to Utrecht the day after and participate at The Pitstop. 🍀✨

Andreas has been a massive influence on The Village Coffee and without him there would have never been a Pitstop or so many friends around the globe. He has the talent of connecting people without you even noticing it, and can throw the best mid-show parties ever :). He is family to The Village, and we are super stoked and proud as can be that he will at #pitstopatthevillage.

If you want to use this opportunity to get tattooed by Andreas in Utrecht you can contact him at @andreas_coenen , or check out books, posters and art @coenen_publishing or visit him in #Aachen at his private studio and have a look around the @sinner_saint_museum_gallery while you are there.

Justin Weatherholtz

Our brother from another mother @justinweatherholtz will also be at @thevillagepitstop ! We met Justin years ago at @kaiserstadt_tattoo_expo_aachen and immediately kicked it off with a close friendship. 🍀✨

He is the co-founder and organizer of the amazing @pagodacitytattoofest where he invited us to serve coffee for the last 3 shows. His tattoos are always powerful and truly works of art. Justin is a resident in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at @good_luck_nyc

Go check him out and don’t miss this opportunity to get tattooed by him in Utrecht! 💫

Jeff Rassier

Next up is our dear friend @jeffrassier, he will also be tattooing at @thevillagepitstop ! 📣⚡️

Jeff is truly something special, and we are so lucky to have him come to Utrecht for The Pitstop. He has been a huge influence on The Village and made the awesome Braaap!-shirt for us. If you know what’s up, you will not miss this opportunity to get tattooed by Jeff!

Jeff is the co-founder and owner of @blackhearttattoo in San Francisco, he has been tattooing for many years, his style is nothing short of amazing. Hit him up if you want to get tattooed by him at The Pitstop.

Beau Brady

Smile, because our dear friend @beauxbrady will be tattooing at The Pitstop! We’ve met Beau years ago and every time we serve coffee at a convention, we know Beau will be at the bar because of the shared love for coffee. ☕️🖤

His tattoos never seize to amaze, and are as solid as he looks. Don’t miss the opportunity to get tattooed by Beau this close to home, you contact him to get an appointment. Beau works at @portcitytattoo_cm in Costa Mesa, California.

Alex Snelgrove

We are as stoked as you all are that @snelgrove is tattooing at The Pitstop! Ever since we met Alex we became very close friends. She visited Utrecht multiple times and also tattooed in The Village Voorstraat. 🌻✨

Her black and grey tattoos are really something special and if you want to get tattooed by Alex you better hurry, cause appointments always go fast when she visits Utrecht. Alex works out of Toronto at @hotline_toronto, and travels often, so keep an eye on her instagram.🍀

Scott Sylvia

And now…. Announcing one of our favorite tattooers and dear friend @scsylvia ! 🌹✨

One of the hardest working artists we’ve ever met, and his tattoos are as powerful as his dedication. Scott is the co-founder and owner of the amazing @blackhearttattoo in SF and lives and breathes tattooing.

We are really proud that he will be making The Pitstop in between the Aachen and London conventions. So, you better get started on that email, cause @scsylvia will be tattooing at @thevillagepitstop and you sure don’t want to miss that.

Mary Joy

We are super stoked an d proud the amazing and dear friend @maryjoytattoo is also tattooing at The Pitstop! We’ve been fans of her tattoos from a young age and when you see/know her style you will understand immediately. 💫

Don’t hesitate to contact her for an appointment in Utrecht while she is here! @maryjoytattoo works in her own studio @raven_eye_tattoo in San Francisco, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get some work done by her.


Next up is one of favorite dudes ever, close friend and all around amazing person @tattoo.yobbo !!! Yobbo started his career right here in Utrecht and we couldn’t be more stoked that he is making the trip back here again to tattoo you at The Pitstop. 🙏🏻⚡️

His tattoos are crazy unique and it always blows our mind what he makes next. Make sure to contact him to get in at The Pitstop. Yobbo recently moved from Hamburg to Berlin where he spends his time between @conspiracyinctattoo & @roseofnomanslandberlin 🌹

Uncle Allan

Our hearts are on 🔥 because our close friend and favorite @unclea is also tattooing at The Pitstop! We connected instantly many years ago, on our shared love for music and everything black. 🖤

His metal inspired tattoos are obviously amongst our favorite. We cannot stress enough that you shouldn’t sleep on making an appointment with this wizard. Uncle Allan works out of his shop @conspiracyinctattoo in Berlin, definitely worth a visit.

Brandon Lee Heuser

All the way from Chicago, our buddy @blheuser is also tattooing at The Pitstop. While we met this year, it feels like we’ve known him for years. He was like a brother to us when we visited Chicago this year. ✨💛

His tattoos are both bold and fine depending on your request, but always wild. Brandon works in our favorite @greatlakestattoo in Chicago, which is definitely worth the visit if you find yourself in Chicago.

Katie Gray

The amazing @____katie.gray will also be tattooing at The Pitstop. We met her this year at @pagodacitytattoofest and were super stoked to hear she would be in Europe during The Pitstop, and she decided on the spot to add a stop to Utrecht in her schedule. ⛽️⚡️

Katie makes beautiful work, her pieces of art will surely get you excited to try and make an appointment. You better be quick, because she only has one spot left at The Pitstop. Katie owns and works from her shop @____the_helm in San Francisco.

Peter van Liempt

There once was a tattoeer in Utrecht, who went to the Dutch archives and searched for Dutch tattoo history. He found a photo which was proof of tattooing in the early days in Utrecht in the Willemstraat. He decided it was the right step for him to start his own tattooshop in the same street of this little piece of Dutch tratitional tattoo history. Of course we are talking about our dear friend @pvltattoos who loves his double espresso. He will be away from this own shop for two days to tattoo at the Pitstop at the Village Roastery. Check out his shop if you’re around the Willemstraat, and his work at @pvltattoos ⛽️⚡️

Dick de Wit

Our beloved neighbour @dickdewit_magictattoo will also be part of The Pitstop. 💫⛽️

Dick has been one of the longest running tattooers in Utrecht, he started tattooing in 1984 and his @magictattoo in the Voorstraat has been a staple for so many for so many years. It feels very special to be able to have Dick de Wit at The Pitstop instead of down the street from The Village.

If you are around the Voorstraat check out his shop, him and his team are always around and available for walk ups or appointments.